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Steps to Enforcing Our Environmental Protection Laws

When you see an apparent violation of Environmental law it is important to
1. do not make assumptions
2. determine the facts as best you can
3. report the violation

Unfortunately there is no single point of contact for environmental violations
Your first contact is often the County building inspector; especially if the apparent violation involves construction.
A second pont of contact is the Soil and Water Conservation Office.
Next the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality website contains a wealth of useful information. It also hosts web pages devoted to enforcement of the law.
Finally the Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for enforcing environmental law nationally. Their pages on Environmental Violations is certainly worth reviewing.

Many companies may be unaware that they can receive immunity from prosecution of environmental violations through Virginia's Voluntary Assessment Privilege Legislation which allows them to voluntarily report and correct violations.

A good site for additional information on recognizing and reporting violations comes to us from Fairfax County.

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